Lisa Grabenstetter was raised by trees. Or among trees, depending on how you'd like to phrase it. As a youngster, she had great hopes of becoming a Paleontologist. Eventually she realized that being a paleontologist didn't mean what she thought it meant, an if she wanted to be the one drawing the dinosaurs she'd better become an artist. Her love of dinosaurs and other monstrous and winged things has not departed, and continues to show up in her work.

Lisa draws inspiration from artists of the symbolist movement, from art nouveau, and from contemporary fantasy and comic book illustrators. Her work is primarily in ink, graphite, and watercolor. Occasionally she has the good luck of being asked to print something.

A 2008 graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art, she has a BFA in Printmaking and a minor in Drawing. She currently works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, which requires rather more sitting indoors than she prefers.

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